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Hier kommt ein kreativer Slogan hin
About me - Nyuchen

About me

*hugs you and give you a cup of chocolate milk*
Hey, my name is Nicole, iam 28 Years old and from Hamburg (Germany). Iam female and Transgender what can confuse some people by my voice. But no problem, nobody should fap to it. :3

Like you can see iam really directly, sarcastically, ambiguous and often have a pun in stock. Iam generally really trustfull, open minded, cute and friendly. It is very important to me to make people happy
and often provide humor and a pinch of love for a pleasant atmosphere.

I am very communicative and like to meet new people, make friends and love when you let me play along or integrated into conversations.
I own a Twitch and Youtube channel where I like to share my playful moments with other people.

I am a very sensitive and emotional person with a lot of empathy, which is why I treat and nurture friendships with love.
Unfortunately, I can not always answer, but you can always contact me in Teamspeak unless Iam in a private round.

Everyone is welcome on my Teamspeak, where you can laugh, play, chat or just relax and chill.
Or listen as I fall asleep >_< :D
Who likes can just talk to me, I do not bite .... seldom ... well you caught me. : 3

One of my hobbies is programming, which Ive been doing for over 14 years.
Most recently, Ive been working on a game of my own and like dealing with the Unity Engine or creating my own programs and websites.

And yes ... mhhh ... penis! : 3

My favorite games